A UK centre of excellence for electroplating, metal finishing & coating

BEP Surface Technologies

BEP is dedicated to the art of precision surface coating and in the machining capabilities required to support it. 

Our cutting-edge facilities in Manchester UK are located in the heart of the North West’s long-standing manufacturing community. The team and the design of the facility provide the ability to serve British industry with an extensive capability on component size, weight and shape, combined with the finest tolerances and variety of finishes that you won’t find elsewhere in the UK

Sectors that we serve:

What we do

BEP provide an extensive range of hard chrome, nickel and copper plating services and surface finishing, dealing with turbines and large rotors for the energy sector through to small shafts and all types of rotating equipment. We are certified ‘Fit For Nuclear’ and hold ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.

We manufacturer and service copper-shelled heat transfer and chill rolls for many different industries, and have the capability to electroform high-quality, seamless, copper tubes to any thickness our clients specify.

BEP Surface Technologies specialise in turning and cylindrical grinding of a huge range of industrial components. From pump shafts to chill rolls, weighing from a few kilos to 20 tonnes to tolerances finer than the width of a human hair. 

You will not find our level of capability anywhere else in the UK.