Internal cleaning, refurbishment & maintenance

Ensuring that your rolls deliver the performance you expect

Let us bring your rolls back to original specifications

BEP can carry out internal cleaning and preventative maintenance to ensure that your heat-transfer and chill rolls continue to perform to their specifications. This includes acid cleaning, kiss grinding, chrome plating, nickel plating, degassing, journal refurbishment and surface finishing.

If you have a roll that is overheating or is not getting sufficient flow, then the acid clean process can be used to remove corrosion or a blockage, restoring normal flow through the roll and bringing it back to normal working condition. 

We encourage our customers to view internal cleaning as part of regular scheduled maintenance. In cases where a roll has gone too long without an internal clean, the corrosion build-up can be so severe that an internal clean is not able to fix it and the roller has to be scrapped.

Internal acid cleans

Hot hydrochloric acid is pumped through the roll for 24 hours and then neutralised and flushed with water.

This process is not safe to carry out onsite and so is performed at our factory in Manchester, UK.