Precision cylindrical grinding

Our grinding machinery can handle anything from small pins to large steel rolls

Tolerances finer than the width of a human hair

We can turn and precision grind all kinds of pins, shafts, rollers, cylinders and all rotating equipment to very fine tolerances. Our grinding machinery can handle anything from small pins and shafts up to large steel mill rolls, calendar rolls, turbine rotors and chill rolls – up to 20 tonnes in weight and up to 1550mm diameter x 8800mm long.

Diamond Turning and Polishing can also be carried out on diameters up to 1100mm. In addition to the usual finishes on steel, cast and chilled irons, we can grind copper, chrome, nickel and even rubber. Diamond grinding of plasma sprayed coatings such as tungsten carbide and ceramics can also be undertaken.

Although BEP do not carry out metal spray in-house, we have long-standing partnerships with local companies that can spray plasma/HVOF coatings (such as tungsten carbide and ceramics) that can be diamond ground in our workshops. 

High precision

You can count on BEP to give you a high quality service. Our products are critically scrutinised and approved by quality inspectors before being passed for delivery.

Our highly-skilled engineers work to tolerances as low as 5um on both size and TIR (total indicated runout).


Crowned rollers are used by many industrial manufacturers in the paper, film and foil converting industry.

Roll crowning ensures proper web alignment to counter the effects of deflection. BEP has the capability to carry out roll crowning in-house on our large cylindrical grinding machines.

Quick response

At BEP, we understand the importance of getting a job right first time and on time. We will respond to your needs and turn your job around as soon as possible.