BEP’s spare roller programme

If your production is dependent on one or more rolls then you need a disaster recovery plan. BEP have a programme that covers all eventualities.

From wear and tear to a literal spanner in the works

Whether it is a high-performance heat transfer roll, a chill roll, chrome, copper, or a specialist finish – they are all essential components of your production and your business continuity.

We know it is hard to foresee (and afford) back-ups for every aspect of your production line, but with specialist rolls we also know it is a matter of when (not if) they will need replacing or servicing. Increasingly, the expertise to refurbish rolls is becoming rare and the lead time can be long. Replacing with new can be even longer. Which is why our spare roller programme provides you with the ultimate insurance. 

BEP will manufacture the roller to your exact specification and then hold and store the roll at our factory in Manchester. It will be available to deliver whenever you need it: within the week by standard, or faster in the case of emergency. 

Once manufactured, you pay a monthly programme fee until such a time you need the roll. On delivery, you will then pay a completion payment. Contact us for full programme details and fees.